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Thank you for your interest in pursuing graduate studies at the University of Toronto!  Please read the following instructions carefully.

Email Address Required

This is a secure, online application process that requires you to have a valid email address.  If you are unable to obtain an email address, or are unable to access this online application, please contact the graduate unit to which you are applying to request an alternate application format.  Current University of Toronto students and recent graduates are required to use their University email address if still active.

Profile Creation

You will be required to create a personal profile that includes name and contact information, as well as limited personal information.  Upon completion, an Applicant Number and password will be assigned and emailed to you.  These will allow you to log into your account to manage your profile and current and future applications.

If you have previously applied to or registered in any division of the University of Toronto: Please contact SGS Student Services if there has been a change to your legal name, marital status, legal status in Canada, or citizenship since your last application. Enter your current information as part of your application. However, your university record will only be updated when you provide appropriate documentation. For example, if you previously applied as an international student but are now a permanent resident, you will be assessed international tuition fees until the appropriate documentation regarding your legal status in Canada is provided to SGS Student Services. Official correspondence, including letters of offer or refusal, will be sent to using the name recorded on your official primary record.

If you have previously registered at the University of Toronto your personal information on record is available by logging on at

If you require specific instructions, contact

Academic Background

You will be asked to supply a list of all post-secondary study taken, including current studies, even if a degree has not been awarded.  At least one academic program must be provided.

English Proficiency Requirement

Facility in the English language must be demonstrated by applicants educated outside Canada whose first language is not English.  The School of Graduate Studies recognizes four tests - TOEFL, COPE, IELTS, and MELAB.  For details please consult these guidelines/policies.

Program Selection

As part of this application, you will select the degree program to which you are applying.  Make sure you have checked all deadline dates, prerequisites and admission requirements as outlined on the program's web site.  Some degree programs participate in collaborative or combined programs.  If you are interested in a collaborative or combined program, please make this selection in conjunction with your degree program and not a separate application.


You will need to supply your referee contact information for as many references as are required for the program.  The system will automatically email an electronic submission request to each referee with a valid email address after the application fee is paid.


A separate application and non-refundable application fee payment is required for every degree program to which you are applying.  If you apply to the wrong program then you will be required to submit a new application and pay another application fee if you wish to be considered for a different program other than what you initially applied for.  Payment must be made by the application deadline specified by the graduate unit.  Please review your application before moving to the payment stage.  Online payment is preferred.

Supporting Document Submission

You will be expected to submit your supporting documents online unless otherwise instructed.  Be sure to read the instructions for each document requirement, as practices may vary among graduate units.  Acceptable formats for documents include Word 97-2003 (.doc), PDF (.pdf), and Rich Text (.rtf).  Sizes must be under 500 kilobytes.  It is your responsibility to ensure the documents are submitted and/or received by the graduate unit by the document deadline or other deadline as set by the graduate unit.

Electronic or Scanned Transcript Submission

All applicants are required to upload one electronic or scanned transcript from each post-secondary institution attended. It must be up-to-date, readable, and will be used by the admissions committee to make a decision on your application. You can only submit one transcript per institution. If your institution issues separate transcripts for each degree, you will need to combine the transcripts into one document.

Scanned transcript alternative for Canadian universities only (read more)
In lieu of a scanned copy of a paper transcript, applicants may upload a PDF (.pdf) file of their academic history from their university's student web service. Saving to PDF directly from your web browser is ideal; if this is not possible you may copy and paste the information into a word processing program and save to PDF from there. Where possible, the file should include the university's grading legend and your name. Some universities do not include the same information on the student web service as they do on the transcript (e.g. class size or average). If the admissions committee determines that the file is incomplete you may be asked to submit a copy of the transcript instead.

Technical Requirements

  • The entire transcript for each institution, including transcript legend (usually printed on the back of a paper transcript), must be uploaded as a single PDF (.pdf) file. You cannot upload individual pages.
  • The file size cannot exceed 4 megabytes (MB). We recommend scanning in greyscale at 72 dots per inch (DPI).

Official (Paper) Transcripts

No newly admitted student may register in graduate studies at the University of Toronto without submitting an official transcript that confirms the information provided on the scanned transcript submitted with the application. Each graduate program determines the deadline for receipt of the official document. This deadline will be one of the following:

  • Immediately: Although the committee will make its decision based on the scanned transcript an official paper transcript is still required at the time of application. The offer of admission will not be released until the official transcript has been received and the information on the scanned transcript verified.
  • Before the unit finalizes their admissions decision: The application review process will begin with the scanned transcript alone. Applicants who reach a second stage in the process (e.g., invited to attend an interview) will be asked to submit an official paper transcript before an admissions decision is finalized.
  • As a condition of registration: The applicant may be admitted to a graduate program on the basis of the scanned transcript, but presentation and verification of the official paper transcript will be a condition that must be met prior to registration.

The University of Toronto requires an official transcript from each post-secondary institution that you have attended; it is your responsibility to submit transcripts PRIOR to the deadline, unless otherwise noted by the program's instructions. Each institution will have its own procedures for issuing transcripts, and in some cases this can take weeks or even months. You must consider this timeline when requesting your transcript(s).

Transcripts can be submitted in one of two ways:

  1. Instruct your institution(s) to mail an official transcript directly to the UofT graduate unit to which you are applying: The transcript must be issued directly to the University of Toronto and sent to the mailing address provided by the UofT graduate unit in their application instructions. Documents must be sealed in the original envelope from the issuing institution, with a signature across the seal.
  2. Obtain an official, "issued to student" transcript from your institution and mail it to the UofT graduate unit to which you are applying: Documents must be sealed in the original envelope from the issuing institution, with a signature across the seal.

In either case, photocopies, faxes, or documents arriving in previously opened envelopes will not be considered official. All non-English language documents must be officially translated into English and submitted to the University of Toronto together with the originals. If you are unable to submit official documents, please contact the graduate unit directly.

Applicants who apply while their most recent program is still in progress may be required to provide an additional final official transcript indicating the completion of that program including degree conferral. If this is the case the requirement will be indicated on the offer of admission.

Application Review

Your application may not be assessed by the program admissions committee until it is complete.  The application is only considered complete when all components of the application process have been completed by their assigned deadlines, and payment and supporting documents have been received by the University of Toronto.

For answers to frequently asked questions, please see our FAQ page.

Use of Application Consultants, Agencies and Third Parties

The University will only communicate with applicants and students about their files. We do not interact with consultants, agencies or other third parties. As the declaration below constitutes the applicant’s signature, the information required in this application system should be provided and entered by the applicant him or herself. The email address and other contact information should be that of the applicant, not of third parties or proxies. All self-authored supporting documents (e.g., statements of research interest, writing samples, curricula vitae) should be the work of the applicant alone.

Privacy Policy

The University of Toronto respects your privacy. Personal information that you provide to the University is collected pursuant to section 2(14) of the University of Toronto Act, 1971. It is collected for the purpose of administering admissions, registration, academic programs, university-related student activities, activities of student societies, safety, financial assistance and awards, graduation and university advancement, and reporting to government agencies for statistical purposes. At all times it will be protected in accordance with the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. If you have questions, please refer to or contact the University Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Coordinator at 416-946-7303, McMurrich Building, room 104, 12 Queen's Park Crescent West, Toronto, ON, M5S 1A8.

Please do not leave your application unattended. After 60 minutes of inactivity, your session will time-out and it will be necessary for you either to log in (if you have already received an applicant number and password) or start over again.

Applicant Agreement

I agree that all statements I make in this application and all information in any material that will be filed in support hereof are true, correct and complete and all material information will be disclosed. I understand that if the university finds to the contrary, my association with, admission to or registration in the university may be rescinded and cancelled after notice in writing to me at my home or sessional address. In addition, other Canadian universities may be contacted. I understand that the University of Toronto may contact my previous educational institutions or referees to confirm the accuracy and authenticity of supporting documents. The name used in this application is the complete name by which I am legally and correctly known. I understand that if I have not previously applied to or registered at the university this name will be officially recognized in academic records of the university, and it will not be changed there without a formal verification. I understand that if I have previously applied to or registered at the university and the name in this application is other than that by which I am known in academic records of the university, I must complete a change of name form. If the information I provide in an application is revealed to be invalid, the university reserves the right to terminate my account.