Application Status

The following are descriptions for each of the six status levels that your application may be in:

Draft - Incomplete
Your application is in draft mode and has not been submitted to the School of Graduate Studies. You must review and make changes to your application prior to submission since all of the information required to process your application has not yet been provided.

Draft - Complete
Your application information is complete but is still in draft mode. You may still review your application and make changes prior to submission.

Payment Pending
Your application has been submitted but will not be reviewed until payment has been received.

Documents Pending
Your application and payment have been received. Review of your application is waiting for receipt of all supporting documentation.

Documents Pending, excl. official transcripts
Once all your online supporting documents have been received, your status will automatically be updated to this status. Some graduate units ask applicants to send official transcripts at the time of application, while others only request them of shortlisted candidates. Please check the supporting documents section of your application to confirm whether or not you need to submit formal transcripts at this point.

Under Review
All payment and supporting documentation has been received and your application is being reviewed.

Decision Made
A decision has been reached for your application. You will receive a notification via mail with the details of the decision.